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Monday, July 29


as planned..

I have started a new blog, a new project!
Hopefully my posts on there will be a bit more put together but I have a
feeling it will be disjointed and similar content... hehe.
I will still be active on sunandnofriends for the miscellaneous
beauty posts and what not ~


Monday, July 15

Pocky Addict

The Pocky flavours I've tried

Top 3:
-Thin Pocky
Honorable Mention:

Friday, July 12

JAPAN FOR CHEAP - 1. purikura everyday

Purikura is an addictive and fun way to spend 400 yen (approx $4.40).
Mermaid Beauty, VIP&Gossip, Lady By Tokyo and more - try the
different machines for varying effects and functions. We loved the 45°
one that tilts down for that 'super kawaii' look. Every machine will make
your eyes appear abnormally large, your skin super fresh and your jaw
super sharp. They can be found easily in Japan, especially in the gaming
arcades and sometimes there is a whole floor dedicated to them (like at
HEP building near Umeda Station, Osaka).
 photo purikura_002_zps962cf2a7.jpg

Sunday, July 7

back (from 1 dollar onigiris, cat cafes and everything better than Australia)

So I have just come back from Japan and wow, it was just mind blowing. For the first time I felt like, 'I want to live here.' In Matsumoto (Japan's bigger and better
version of our Priceline) I discovered the best face sunscreen, the best body sunscreen and my new favourite lip colour. So affordable ~~~~~~~ I have also changed
up my face products and brow products (got ma hair did in Tokyo!!) which I will share on this blog later on.

I have felt for a while that it is time to start a new blog, a fresh start... that will take awhile to set up though. I have a website now http://sunyounghwang.net which
features my design work. I think I might start a new blog for more creative things/ illustrations/ thoughts/ etc while I keep this one for beauty related things... or do
I just stay on this blog... not sure yet!

I really want to do a top things to do in Japan under $10, or a top 10 cheapest things to do. Oh! Using new compact camera, Canon S110. Works great plus it's black,
matte and sexy.

 photo hipsters_zpsfe0384a3.jpg

Takeshita Street - Harajuku's famous street for crazy, extreme youth fashion... and crepes. Worth a 
walk through, but we liked the back streets more (cross Meiji Street to Harajuku Street and explore)

 photo IMG_0506_zps2876fc78.jpg

The girls got matching instax! Here we are at our beloved Mos.

 photo IMG_0638_zpsca0dfbcf.jpg

Denim jacket from Kinji, a huge thrift store (we found one at Meiji Street, Harajuku and in Americamura in Osaka)

 photo IMG_0715_zpsc9352234.jpg

Nana'a Green Tea, Grant Front Osaka (South Building, outside Osaka station)

 photo IMG_0679_zps1b0025a4.jpg

400yen purikura everyday

 photo IMG_0551_zps4c1a0e48.jpg

At the park near Ghibli Museum

Friday, May 31

Ootd: How goes it?

Long time no see....
1. American Apparel ribbed navy pullover, BDG Jeans
2. Sportgirl denim shirt, Work Out Life workout pants, Rewe tote
3. BDG jeans, Typo pouch
4. Agent Ninetynine tank, Carly Hunter skort, CDG wallet
5. Topshop pink knit, Topshop neon pink socks
6. American Apparel speckled beanie

Sunday, April 21

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - yes I love it

 photo chanelvita_zps875d8220.jpg

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B20
It has such a foamy, light texture. Applied best with fingers. I thought it was breaking me out at first
and put it aside, but recently I've been using it daily (especially as I've run out of Skin79 bb cream).
It does have quite light coverage as you can see in the picture, but still manages to give an appearance
of more even skin. It's a good colour match for me I think, but a touch too cool/neutral for my warm
skin. Packaging is perfect in my opinion. Oh, as you can see the finish is a bit shiny but just a tad.
Setting it with Tarte Finishing Powder helps it stay pretty fresh for a surprisingly long time.

 photo chanelvita-1_zps60e37305.jpg  photo chanelvita-2_zps6b9c7a30.jpg
L - Bare
R - Chanel

 photo chanelvita-3_zps0e776ba9.jpg  photo chanelvita-4_zps27312ad6.jpg
L - Chanel
R - Makeup done

Wednesday, April 17

fotd: glowy

Tuesday, April 9

Short Reviews

 photo favs_zps167ebf61.jpg

Meaning to post this 100 years ago.

Burberry Blush in Tangerine Blush
For awhile I was wearing this daily. It's a very natural, peach colour that gives your complexion a bit of 
warmth more than anything. It's completely matte and smooth as. The packaging is to die for of course. 
The brush is o-k but harder to get an even application. I wish the lid/ mirror could tilt back more, feels 
kind of awkard being stuck at a 90 degree angle. Haven't been reaching for it too much lately.

Beauty Blender + Nars Sheer Glow in Fiji
Ok, I love this little pink blob! First of all, it's so damn cute. The sponge expanding when wet is like a 
squishing a baby's adorable chubby cheeks [not weird]. It works really well at applying foundation - 
gives a really even, quick application and leaves the skin feeling somewhat fresh from the dampness of 
the sponge. The Nars Sheer Glow in Fiji is a good colour match for me. The coverage is medium but I
feel like I need to apply a lighter product on my cheeks/ forehead/ chin to prevent my complexion from 
looking flat. The finish is not matte, nor luminous but looks pretty fresh post application. Lasting power 
is decent with primer, makeup spray, setting powder on my oily skin. I do like it though, more than the 
Chanel VLA. But for everyday, BB is the best (spf).

Burberry Eyeshadow in Midnight Brown

Holy moly. The texture of Burberry eyeshadow is amazing. This particular shade is a medium brown 
with shimmers that doesn't pull reddish brown when worn [A+]. Better than Mac Satin Taupe.

Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara
It gives me thick, voluminous lashes instantly. Lasts pretty well, but I think cheaper mascaras such as 
Maybelline Falsies Waterproof and Maybelline Define-a-lash work just as well. Smudges a bit on 
bottom lashes. Damn good masacara but I think the Falsies is better for everyday makeup.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams
This is like applying marshmellow on your lips - in terms of texture and scent. Amsterdam is a medium
rose pink which gives me a brightening effect [keeping in mind I have quite pigmented lips], while San 
Paulo is slightly deeper. It's really matte, which I'm a fan of, but it does dry out your lips after a while, 
leaving you with a weird sandpaper mouth. Fun product.

 photo pink_zpsdaa3ef42.jpg

Monday, April 8


 photo tumblr_mkvpq4KDbm1rlomffo1_1280_zps2095c8cf.jpg

So this is kind of embarrassing
Photos in exchange for an interview
Cool guy, Brock Elbank who loves freckles and beards.
(Not naked!)

Tuesday, March 19

Monday, March 11

Illamasqua Speckle

 photo speckle_zpsed86aa05.jpg

 photo speckle2_zps5492727d.jpg

Friday, March 1

Custom Stamp

Photos and Stamp by Tyr

Monday, February 18


So my boss usually buys me a red bean or custard bun at the beginning of my shift.
The other day we had this meat VS veges debate (Boss: "Real men eat meat!" etc.).
Today, he bought me a chicken bun. -__- haha.

J + M - Wedding

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Tuesday, February 5

New Friends


Minimal Eyeliner for Monolids

Tuesday, January 22


Saturday, January 19

fotd: chanel

Friday, January 18


Tuesday, January 15