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Monday, July 29


as planned..

I have started a new blog, a new project!
Hopefully my posts on there will be a bit more put together but I have a
feeling it will be disjointed and similar content... hehe.
I will still be active on sunandnofriends for the miscellaneous
beauty posts and what not ~


Monday, July 15

Pocky Addict

The Pocky flavours I've tried

Top 3:
-Thin Pocky
Honorable Mention:

Friday, July 12

JAPAN FOR CHEAP - 1. purikura everyday

Purikura is an addictive and fun way to spend 400 yen (approx $4.40).
Mermaid Beauty, VIP&Gossip, Lady By Tokyo and more - try the
different machines for varying effects and functions. We loved the 45°
one that tilts down for that 'super kawaii' look. Every machine will make
your eyes appear abnormally large, your skin super fresh and your jaw
super sharp. They can be found easily in Japan, especially in the gaming
arcades and sometimes there is a whole floor dedicated to them (like at
HEP building near Umeda Station, Osaka).
 photo purikura_002_zps962cf2a7.jpg