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Tuesday, June 26

It's Nice That

 It's Nice That publication
The covers make me want to read them so bad.

Thursday, June 21

( )

Please tell me, if this makes some sort of sense to you.
Because these are thoughts I have sometimes.

If you think about 'what is the point of life?'

It feels like..
we do things
buy things
watch things
just to pass time and to distract ourselves

this 'emptiness'

when we find time to ourselves or time to do nothing
we face

this 'emptiness'

I guess some turn to religion or drugs.

But I guess we have those rare moments of complete happiness.

Ah, I'm tired

Tuesday, June 19


From Instagram (sleepyhappy)

1.   Hair cut with wavy style
2.   Topshop Jelly sandals
3.   Sporty ootd | Sportsgirl hoodie,
      Nike shorts (what I wore today)
4.   New Storage/ Mirror
5.   Disco legs and feet
6.   Gold tipped collars
7.   T by A Wang
8.   Gold arm stuff | Marc watch
9.   Navy ootd | Dr Denim shirt tied up,
      Don't Ask Amanda shorts
10. Denim on denim ootd | Acne shirt,
      Uniqlo jeans, Marc spacedye cardi

Wants 001


Sunday, June 10

metallic nails


I wore these colours recently and I liked the effect!
First of all, I have been using OPI's nail envy which is a nail strengthener/treatment.
Me likes. It makes a great nail polish base. Seriously. Polish just applies way better over it.

2 coats of OPI nail envy
2 coats of Revlon Silver Coin
1 coat of OPI Glitzerland
1 coat of Seche Vite top coat

The result is a sort of duocrome mixed metal nail!



Monday, June 4


It's 3:30am~
This is the last assignment for this semester~

Let's write 3 things of things we want:
-Biotherm skincare
-White nailpolish
-Alley Capellino AO Backpack