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Sunday, April 22

Thursday, April 19


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1/ casual day/night outing
2/ uni outfit (Gap navy cardigan, Zara dress which I cut)
3/ very casual uni outfit (navy cardi tied at the back, cropped AA tee, khaki pants)
4/ all black (AA tee, Uniqlo pants, no brand bag)

Monday, April 16

Makeup for Uni 001

I'm sick -cough-
My boyfriend just surprise visited me with food. Lol lol lol. So much love.

Here's a video I took awhile ago from my phone while I was doing my makeup for uni.
What do you think?

Tuesday, April 10



Handmade stacker rings from Etsy
I really recommend this seller, she is lovely
Jewellery corner

Cherry chocolate (Dior Rouge Garconne, Tony Moly Chocolate)
Hi Bye!

Friday, April 6


Hello again! So...
Same as usual:

Mac Well Dressed blush
It's a light, cool toned pink with shimmers - like a blush and highlighter in one. I didn't buy this for ages because I thought it would be come out same-ish as Mac's Pink Swoon blush, but nay. Pink swoon is more of a sheer, dolly 'hot pink' whereas Well Dressed is a baby pink that brightens your face more than it gives colour.

Revlon Pink in the Afternoon creme lipstick
This is the only lipstick that I will wear all over the lips. Medium pink that is not not as cool toned as other pinks I own (such as Revlon Primrose). It looks dark in this photo but it isn't (should take better photo next time). This shade isn't available in Australia I'm pretty sure, got it from Watson's in Singapore. It's really pretty with Mac's Girl About Town dabbed in the centre of the lips.

Tony Moly Tony Tint in Cherry
I probably have the same products in every 'favourites' post haha. I love love lip tints.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Romance
Medium rosy pink that looks so pretty. Dries out my lips though ):

Mac Concrete Eyeshadow + Shiseido Natural Brow pencil in Natural Black
(My current brow routine) A brown eyeshadow with slight grey undertones. I use this for the brow over the top of the Shiseido brow pencil.

Mac Brule Eyeshadow
My second pot, oh mi gawd. It's just a basic skin tone colour that looks like nothing on the lids (adds some brightness, evens out skin tone). I probably have other shadows similar to this.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo
I don't know how to describe what this is/does. "Corrective and unclogging anti-imperfection care" it says on the packaging. Whatever the hell it is, I like it. I use it after cleansing, before moisturiser. My skin seems a bit better lately and I think it's because of this and regular use of my clarisonic.

 On my nails I have on Tony Moly Chocolate (left hand pinky and ring) and Dior Rouge Garconne (right hand pinky and ring). Cherry chocolate!
Also, I am currently enjoying my glasshouse candle in vanilla caramel.