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Friday, March 23


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Wednesday, March 14

(L) Bless by Tomo Tom's dress, Uniqlo Navy jacket
(R) Topshop knit


(L) Uni work
(R) Tea

Saturday, March 10

Julia Sarr-Jamois

Oh how I love Julia Sarr-Jamois


The colours, shapes, print combinations, her natural face and hair... I love. Seriously though, to pull off outfits like Julia you need amazing body proportions (not me).

Friday, March 2

Stuff - Feb

Hello there ~ Everything ay-okay?
Another year of uni has started. My favourite thing to wear right now is this black and white jumper from 영등포 underground shops (worn with Uniqlo Trouser leggings here). In my pink plastic case I carry my metal ruler, Oh la la pencil case, diary, papers, etc.
My daily makeup is changing a bit - bbcream, maybelline dream matte powder, mac well dressed blush, bourjois chocolate bronzer, mac pearl cream colour base, mac concrete + carbon for brows, mac brule + naked lunch for eyes, lip tint
Also minimising my skincare routine again after a bad skin period in Korea. Share?

Check out this organisation, yo