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Thursday, July 28

Peach Gold Makeup

peach/corals blended with browns (Mac Wedge, Satin taupe), Mac Goldmine inner third
Covergirl Lash exact/ Clinique Bottom lash

Nars Deep throat/ The Face Shop Vivid peach
Dior Amber diamond shimmer

foundation/ Dior addict 545 Fire

Tuesday, July 26

massive -_-

Man1: You're a beautiful girl! Worth a million dollars! If I win tonight I will make you the happiest girl alive!

Man 2: Are you a lucky girl? If I win I will buy you a huge dinner! You will never have to work! I'll pay for your education!


I don't want to go to work

Friday, July 15

This evening's look

Mac Brule all over
Mac Wedge, Satin Taupe blended along lashline
Maybelline Natural Smokes quad (dark brown) outer third lash line
Clio kill black liner (more dark brown to blend)
Covergirl Lash Exact mascara
Clinique Bottom lash mascara
White eyeliner waterline

Mac Peachstock dabbed lightly
Tony Moly tint

UM my eyebrows are the same size as my eyes.. oops...
that's okay, we like our brows, don't we?