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Friday, January 28

knife x 9

I have this thing, where if I'm carrying a knife to the sink or whatever, I have to say, "knife, knife, knife, knife...."
It's like, if I don't make an 'alarm', I'm going to just stab someone.

Sunday, January 9


Eyebrows are important people.
If I could only do one thing before leaving the house, it would be eyebrows.
Because I just don't have any!
I have been liking the more straight, medium full brows over the more arched, thin brow (Westerners!)

History of the brows
1994 - non-existent

2009- the triangle

I got them waxed before, and they made me look crazy. thin and arched like a crazy person

april 2010 - missing front, makes me look permanently sympathetic(?)

June 2010 - thinner

the left image, unacceptable!


I like these eyebrows

Wednesday, January 5

jan photoblog - Asians

I visited UTS today. I think my plan is going to be on the first day of uni, just befriend the first awkward Asian guy I see. Then he'll be trapped, he has to be friends with me ~_~

Oh yeah~ and I felt really happy today, because Asians are just so funny! I don't know why
and walked around markets near Market City. It's like asian domination.

My beauty diary mask

Manner!! apple juice and mineral water - reliving Germany days

I've been cleaning my room - look what I found...

'My Fabulous Art' from when I was REALLY YOUNG. wow. 'Discover real art' it says

Here is the 'real art'. only one page

I want to wear dark lip colours. Can I pull it off?
I don't want to look gothy!