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Monday, December 27


Goodbye. Arrivederci.
What a perfect combination of "italian" sounds
It reminds me of myself saying "Merci" in an exaggerated French accent (which I enjoy doing)

Well I am back (only to leave in 5 minutes, fam trip)
and I am changing my wallet
that's like, changing my life, man.

I still feel the motion of the plane... up.. down...up...

Everything feels different, but the same. For instance, my cactus has grown a lot.

I'll be back again,
with pictures!

Here's a taste:

Thursday, December 9

1. Bonjour 2. Merci 3. Pardon

As we walk through the snow, we pass a fellow Parisien and through our glances, we exchange a special joke, "This damn French weather."

Monday, November 29

Travel Makeup

1. Eyelash curler
2. Cream eye liner
3. Eye primer
4. Mascara
5. Lashes
6. MAC palette (eyes and brows)
7. Mineral powder
8. Foundation (used as concealer)
9. Primer/base
10/11. Blush
12. Lip conditioner/ Lip sticks

Holy Feet!






Thursday, April 29

My Little Moment... Haiku style

Looking in the trash
All I see is soft drink cans
Lonely soy bean drink