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Sunday, July 7

back (from 1 dollar onigiris, cat cafes and everything better than Australia)

So I have just come back from Japan and wow, it was just mind blowing. For the first time I felt like, 'I want to live here.' In Matsumoto (Japan's bigger and better
version of our Priceline) I discovered the best face sunscreen, the best body sunscreen and my new favourite lip colour. So affordable ~~~~~~~ I have also changed
up my face products and brow products (got ma hair did in Tokyo!!) which I will share on this blog later on.

I have felt for a while that it is time to start a new blog, a fresh start... that will take awhile to set up though. I have a website now http://sunyounghwang.net which
features my design work. I think I might start a new blog for more creative things/ illustrations/ thoughts/ etc while I keep this one for beauty related things... or do
I just stay on this blog... not sure yet!

I really want to do a top things to do in Japan under $10, or a top 10 cheapest things to do. Oh! Using new compact camera, Canon S110. Works great plus it's black,
matte and sexy.

 photo hipsters_zpsfe0384a3.jpg

Takeshita Street - Harajuku's famous street for crazy, extreme youth fashion... and crepes. Worth a 
walk through, but we liked the back streets more (cross Meiji Street to Harajuku Street and explore)

 photo IMG_0506_zps2876fc78.jpg

The girls got matching instax! Here we are at our beloved Mos.

 photo IMG_0638_zpsca0dfbcf.jpg

Denim jacket from Kinji, a huge thrift store (we found one at Meiji Street, Harajuku and in Americamura in Osaka)

 photo IMG_0715_zpsc9352234.jpg

Nana'a Green Tea, Grant Front Osaka (South Building, outside Osaka station)

 photo IMG_0679_zps1b0025a4.jpg

400yen purikura everyday

 photo IMG_0551_zps4c1a0e48.jpg

At the park near Ghibli Museum


  1. can't wait for your japanese haul post !

    1. oh! I hadn't planned one
      but maybe I should ; )))))

  2. omg that green tea looks to die for ...