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Friday, December 7

Everyday Makeup

Thought I would share my current 'everyday makeup.'
Sometimes I don't do eyeshadow, or I skip mascara/liner,
or something.

Laura Mercier Primer (mineral)
Nars stick concealer Custard or
Clinique Acne Solutions liquid makeup #2
Laura Mercier mineral powder Real Sand


Mac Brule all over
Mac Naked Lunch outer third
Mac Wedge outer third and eyeliner
Urban Decay brown liquid liner outer third*
blended with Maybelline Natural Smokes quad
(the reddish brown crease colour)
Urban Decay Cannonball mascara

Dior Lip Glow (love)
or Korres Pomegranate lip butter
or dab some red lipstick.. blah

* I hardly ever wore eyeliner before. Why?
1. It takes time
2. I really dislike monolid eyeliner looks where you
close your eyes and you see a strip of blackness.
3. I have uneven eyelids (more time needed).
My new technique is to only wear it on the outer third
(basically doing a wing and blending out with shadow).


  1. mmm strip of blackness. And i have uneven eyelids too -.- do you only do brown eyeliner? more naturel~

    1. hi sylv~
      at the moment I'm just using brown because that's just what I have - I like the really thin brush of the Urban Decay
      (and yes, more natural hehe)
      In black I only have... gel liner and pencil at the moment I think..