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Thursday, November 3

The Spectacle

You know what I think is becoming increasingly apparent?

We are surrounded by images, and are obsessed with this idea of image.
We see life as an image.
Instead of experiencing life as it is, we are a part of a performance.
We are very conscious of being watched, and we even think about the possibility of being watched.
But if every single person is performing, then who is watching?


  1. the idea of being watched, and having to always put on a performance is strange, and i've always found it difficult to phrase it. but it all makes sense when i read what you've written here, and i'm not sure who is watching i guess. maybe we're all just standing in front of the mirror because we only need to prove to ourselves? maybe not.

    1. : )

      yeah, something about the mirror is interesting too
      well, all reflections really
      I've thought about how odd it is that we can't actually see ourselves directly - only through other surfaces and mediums can we see ourselves
      Of course this would most likely distort our image, not to mention the role of the psyche in contributing to this...
      But - other people are able to see us! How weird.