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Sunday, June 19

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The Legend of the Bowl Cut

There is this middle-aged Asian man in a suit who comes to buy lotto and he has this funny, asymmetrical bowl cut. I always wonder what the story behind the hairstyle is...
I was thinking...
maybe his parents always forced him to get a bowl cut as a child and that stirred an inner evil that later prompted him to murder his own parents. Agonised by his own actions, he forced himself to get a bowl cut every year, until this very day.....
That's just my theory.

Blog post 'drafts' building up again.
Oh, I bought 4 CDs the other day.

Oh, and, I'll tell you about last night - so much fun. Friends and I went to The Spanish Club for dinner (Hi Tapas). They had dancers and they picked someone from the audience to go on stage with them. After some drinks (I was not drunk, I was normal but a bit happy) I decided I would go up and dance. OH.MY.GOSH. HAHAHAHA

Uni work, would you want to see?

Round 1

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Hi Lynn!


Round 2

Hi K and K

Round 3!

Oh oh, I got a haircut on Tuesday. Looks shit right now....

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