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Tuesday, April 26


to my face.
no it's not snot
it is home-made mask using this bean powder and honey
don't know what is going to happen
I have been having worst skin month ever.
Today I had lunch with the Lynn (hello buffet) and then went to K with the Isaac, the Cy and the Julian. (I'm impressed with your korean singing!)
I have been really loving Marc Jacob's Eau So Fresh! It smells so lovely, I want, I want!
What else have I been liking?
hi prada purses, like seriously
hi ft island
hi splash of bright orange
hi green things
hi coriander in salads
hi electric blanket
hi nailpolishes
hi listening to funkytown
helloooo hot cross buns

bye bad skin
bye rudeness
bye assignments

all the same things I guess, I'm so predictable sometimes

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